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Welcome to the MKM Miracle Krasi Maker's official website!

Dear friends, welcome to our new company website! Get acquainted with the rich portfolio of MKM products! Enjoy the rich selection! Our delicious offers include: boil, beans, rice, lentils, chickpeas, meat and vegetable canned, canned vegetables and fruits, fish canned, flour, pasta, compotes, oatmeal, ready-made dishes, chutney, marmalades and confections. Highest quality of products and raw materials! Certified NASSR Quality Management System! You can also find a list of some of the stores in Bulgaria that offer MKM products - in the "Мap of shops in Bulgaria" section. We wish you bright holidays, and delicious dishes on the table with the products of MKM! Thank you for your trust! The team of MKM.

Preparations for the New Year holidays have begun at MKM

And will you roll up your sleeves for a delicious New Year's cake? We have prepared a delicious recipe.

Buckwheat - Nutritional facts and health benefits

Buckwheat belongs to a group of foods that are commonly called pseudo grains. Pseudograins are seeds that are consumed as cereals but do not grow on grasses.